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Which SSL certificate should I buy? Do you offer secure site logos?

SSL Certificates

Teztech can help with the purchase of "name brand" SSL certificates from Verisign and Thawte. We also offer Teztech brand SSL certificates signed by "Comodo" for $75/year. In our opinion, from a technical standpoint, the only difference between Verisign and Comodo is about $225/year.

Secure Site, SSL and TrustLogos

There are three types of logos you can put on your site:

  1. Secure Site Seal: This is a basic logo you can use with our $75 SSL certificate at no extra charge. Please see the article SSL Secure Site Seals for usage instructions.
  2. TrustLogo: A logo that provides your customers with real-time identity assurance through convenient "point to verify" technology. See TrustLogos for more information.
  3. Card Payment TrustLogo: A logo to actively overcome consumer fears by dynamically informing customers that your site is trusted by the world's leading credit card companies. See TrustLogos for more information.


There are additional verification requirements for the TrustLogo programs. Let us know if you are interested. Verisign and Thawte have similar logo programs.

There are also insurance capabilities with some certificates. However you are likely to be better off buying insurance from an insurance company.

You may be interested to see what the Teztech developers do on their own high volume e-commerce sites:

Notice the seal and credit card logo - these are not as fancy as the official, paid for Trust Logos, but we believe they are effective. You'd have to do a real marketing survey to know for sure what works best.


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