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What software programs do you recommend?

Below are links to some useful, no cost software:

PDFCreator: A PDF Creation tool. Installs as a printer - just print to it and it creates PDF files. The version with AFPL Ghostscript is probably the one you want.

7Zip: Utilities to create and extract .zip archives (similar to WinZip).

FileZilla: FTP client program. Download and upload files via FTP. A programmer friend of mine recently told me that FileZilla changed his life!

NetTime: Keeps your computer's clock accurate. If you have Windows 2000, XP or 2003, you might consider configuring the Windows Time Service instead of using NetTime. Instructions for configuring Windows Time Service are linked from the NetTime home page.

DeepBurner: CD burning software. You can't download the source code to DeepBurner, so this program is not quite in the same class as the others in this list, but it is was the best free CD burning program I could find a few months ago. They sell a "pro" version, but the free version has enough feature for me. Windows XP includes CD burning functions, so this is mostly useful for Windows 98, ME and 2000 users.

WinAmp: An Internet radio client. Internet radio is great if you have a decently fast computer and a high speed Internet connection. I'm not a big fan of the actual WinAmp software. It's too complicated and some versions are buggy. But, WinAmp has the best collection of Internet radio stations. Many of them have few or no commercials. I have no idea how they pay for everything.

KeePass Password Safe: A small, secure, open source program to hold your passwords. It's small enough to put onto a USB memory chip key.

GNU Utilities for Win32: If you miss touch, cat and grep, this handy set of utilities is a relatively light way to get them on Win32. Tar works, too, but last time I checked, this version doesn't support -z style compression. Cygwin is a different way to get these utilities, but is a lot more difficult to install (and the utilities are a little more quirky).


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